Perspective is an interesting word. It speaks of what I can see or perceive from where I presently stand. We say, “from my perspective” or, “to give you perspective.” In other words, you don’t have enough information to weigh in on the subject, therefore let me fill you in, let me give you some details. In essence we are giving you our perspective.

  • Perspective is critical to marriage.
  • It is key in every relationship.
  • Perspective is the source of conflict, and it is the means to resolution.
  • Perspective is learning to see things from another’s point of view.
  • It is gaining understanding through conversation and information.
  • It is getting inside another person’s head.
  • It is orienting ourselves to their way of thinking and seeing so that we can understand things as they understand them.

An argument is the result of differing perspectives. Marriages are defined by moments like these. As such it is the perfect battleground for illustrating different perspectives. Husband comes home from work kicks his boots off and plops down in the recliner. Wife has reserved parking at the spa or she gets her weekly manicure and pedicure. He spends because “you only go around once, and you might as well enjoy the ride.” She is thrifty and frugal because “you don’t know how long the trip is going to last.” She would prefer time run out before the money does. She likes the beach, he prefers the view from the mountains.

Now obviously the challenge of perspectives isn’t limited to marriage. Teenagers and parents face similar difficulties. From your teenage son’s perspective the jeans and tennis shoes are perfect, and the friends he hangs out with are the greatest influence.

I could go on…

Just one question though: Where might you and someone else have a difference of opinion about a matter – maybe a very important matter – merely because you have a difference perspective? You think they are wrong. They think you are. You see things differently. It’s something to think about…

At least that’s my perspective.

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